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Welcome to baked by sha sha

let the addiction begin ...



I kind of stumbled across turning my baking into a business.  I've been baking since I was 11.  Basically, since I took my first home economics class.  The idea of making all these yummy treats and getting to bring them home was so cool to me.  My dad was my biggest fan.  No matter what I made, good or bad, he ate and always encouraged me to continue perfecting my recipes.  He had his favorites, and I still make those to this day.  But up till a couple years ago, it was really just a fun hobby.  I would have my "Sunday cheat days", and bake the craziest things I could think of.  Because I ate so clean during the week, I would find a way to incorporate and stuff my face with all the bad food I wanted.  My friends, of course, loved this hobby of mine.  They all got to partake in the treats.  At some point, I started cooking for a friend of mine and her family once a week.  I would bring over healthy treats for the kids as their dessert or snack.  One day, I posted one of the healthy kid friendly cookies I made, and suddenly people started reaching out asking where they could find my treats.  It was then that I realized this could actually turn into a business for me.  So baked by sha sha was born, making clean and cheat treats.  

I wanted to stick with keeping everything gluten free - for both healthy and non - with varieties of vegan, paleo, or nut free, and eventually keto.  I like to take concepts and ideas that remind people of a memory.  Something that puts a smile on your face and either make the best version of it, or turn it into a healthy version that you won't feel guilty indulging in.  Things like chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, banana bread, pb&j sandwiches, etc.  Eating is something we all enjoy.  My goal is to make something that you've had before but better or show you a different way of eating it.  And if it all makes you smile and rub your belly, then I've done my job.  I also think it's important to make healthy food taste good.  A lot of people struggle with finding foods, especially snacks, desserts and treats, that are good for them and appetizing.  I wanted to make food that was good for you and that you really wanted to eat, even crave.  I don't like to use preservatives or anything that's artificial, in both the clean and cheat treats.  It's better for your body's digestion and all around health.  

the treats

The good, the bad, and the always yummy. 

Our clean and cheat treats will never disappoint.

Anything and everything that your tummy desires, we can make.  

Cookies ..

Brownies ..

Blondies ..

Donuts ..

Cakes ..

We could go on ..

You want it, we'll bake it.  Just ask.


our mission

they call me the crack dealer


Personal trainer turned baker, I wanted to bake you treats that were both healthy and indulgent.  Clean treats and cheat treats - because that sense of balance is important. Enjoy the yumminess of the vegan, paleo, and keto clean treats, without any of the guilt.  And then spoil yourself with some crackie cheat treats.  

All my products are gluten free and organic.  I only use the best ingredients because I want your body to feel good always.

baked by sha sha is baked with love. I hope I make you and your tummy smile ...